Consultant | Front End Developer

    Sep 2019 - Present | Stockholm, Sweden
    Thomas Cook Northern Europe
    Thomas Cook Northern Europe

    Full Stack Developer & Scrum master

    • Built web applications such as a hotel page, hotel list, hotel search, last minute sales using ReactJS, NodeJS, Redux/Redux Saga, ApolloClient, CSS, HTML and more.
    • Developed a “backend for frontend” using GraphQL and NodeJS. It can cache mapped responses from rest-apis in either Redis, SQL in memory or app in memory.
    • DevOps architecture using Microsoft Azure for build and deploy.
    • Built a web application that monitors and aggregates alarms from other sources. Supports Jenkins builds, dynatrace, azure alarms, Logstash data and more. Several teams use it daily to monitor their applications health in production.
    • Worked with improving team process and release process. Our team focus on achieving highest level in Continuous Delivery; e.g. automated testing, load testing (k6), speed testing, acceptance testing, release activities, etc.
    Jun 2017 - Sep 2019 | Stockholm, Sweden

    Front End Developer & Scrum master

    • Built web applications such as customer registration, fund portfolio searcher, video play gallery and more using AngularJS, TypeScript, JSP, CSS, HTML, MochaJS and Adobe CQ.
    • Personally built an internal web for employees using Wordpress, JavaScript, PHP, HTML and CSS.
    • Was dedicated in the agile processes working with improving collaboration between our web team with several back end teams and product development department.
    • Spoke about personal development at Avanzas tech conference.
    • Lead a project group responsible for Avanzas branding and presence at developer conferences such as jFokus.
    Sep 2014 - Jun 2017 | Stockholm, Sweden
    • I worked as a system developer in one of the web teams. My main responsibility was the front end infrastructure and I often supported several teams with front end coding, both on the web and internal applications.
    • One project I worked on was a booking dialog on the start page, where the majority of users started their bookings. Another was a hotel finder application, which was the first project that introduced lots of new frameworks like AngularJS, Sass, JasmineJS, and Octopus Deploy.
    Mar 2013 - Sep 2014 | Stockholm, Sweden
    • Worked as CEO for my family's company. Work included sale strategies, economical structure, offer/contract negotiations and structuring, customer relationship management, and human resource management. I also worked with the company's graphical profile.
    Oct 2011 - Sep 2012 | Stockholm, Sweden

    Product Demonstrator

    • Work involved presented and selling products in grocery stores like NetExtra, Willys, etc. The job was done simultaneously with my studies.
    Jun 2010 - Aug 2011 | Stockholm, Sweden